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06 / 04 / 23

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Apprentice: Creating Content

If I told you that, after slaving away in the office all week, I leap out of bed most Saturday mornings eager to get back to work, you’d probably think me some kind of masochist. But working on a Saturday as a Digital Marketing Apprentice isn’t just any old job... 

Being a Digital Marketing Apprentice 

I’ve been doing a marketing apprenticeship for just over two months now, and I can honestly say that I’m loving it! I’m finding so many ways to implement my creativity while gradually learning about all the exciting aspects of digital marketing.  

The main reason I wanted to take an apprenticeship is to learn everything I can in this field. Whether its SEO, social media, planning campaigns, or creating media content, being a digital marketing apprentice has already given me the chance to get a hands-on taste of all these different elements of digital marketing.  

It has also given me first-hand insight into the industry and networking opportunities, as well as the chance to earn money while I learn and get a head start in my career 

No ordinary job 

Being a digital marketing apprentice does means you have different responsibilities compared to working a standard job. I’m required to log several hours a week of off-the-job work, such as shadowing someone working or taking a virtual training course.  

I’m also required to prepare for certain exams and projects, as well as participate in online training sessions with my apprenticeship mentor. But by doing these things correctly, I’m well on my way to a Level 3 Digital Marketer Qualification! 

Working Saturdays… With a Twist! 

One thing I have always loved is sport. Fortunately, here at Formation Media, we proudly sponsor Coventry Rugby Club and have our very own Formation Marquee pitch side at Butt’s Park Arena.  

Formation’s relationship with Coventry Rugby Club started when the club approached us seeking a digital partner to support their growth ambition. Formation created and launched the club’s exciting new website – an interactive members’ hub – and continues to provide the club with ongoing PR and digital media support. 

When I found out about our relationship with them, I saw it as a huge opportunity to gain some experience in sports media. My first thought was instantly, “How can I get involved with this?!” 

I spoke to Formation’s Director, Martin Gordon, about my love of rugby and my interest in getting involved with Coventry Rugby Club. He was extremely supportive of this and soon got in touch with Coventry Rugby’s General manager about the idea of me going to the Saturday games and capturing some media content for both Formation Media and for the club.  

Since then, media pass in hand, I’ve gained entry into the arena and shadowed Coventry’s current Media Manager, as well as being granted the freedom to be creative and explore the grounds, capturing content when and where I feel appropriate.  

Going Pitch Side as a Digital Marketing Apprentice 

Playing a part in these events has given me the freedom to exercise useful and enjoyable skills that drive my learning as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, like photography and filming, copywriting social posts, and most importantly, practising my people skills!  

These matches are another great place for me to network and meet new connections within the industry. Regularly coming across new faces has also increased my confidence as an apprentice. 

This season I’ve attended three home games and have loved every minute of them. I’ve been given access to all areas of the pitch, been able to interview players, capture in-action shots just outside the touchline, and enjoy some great interactions with the fans.   

This has been such an enjoyable learning experience, working with some great people. There’s no place I’d rather be on a Saturday morning! 

If you are Interested becoming a digital marketing apprentice, keep an eye on our vacancies here at Formation: Vacancies - Formation Media 

Written by Marcus Formation