Paid Social Media Marketing Services

We help clients achieve their goals through highly targeted, data-driven advertising campaigns

Engaging social media marketing strategies can help you bridge the gap between your brand and your target audience. Your target audience consists of people who are most likely to be interested in your content, products or services. You can determine your audience on social media based on various demographics such as age, location, shopping behaviour, job title and education level.

Once you define your target audience, you can then run more relevant campaigns with better returns.

At Formation Media, we help various clients establish data-driven campaigns that drive results – whether the results are a raise in your brand’s authority, a boost in leads, or increased word of mouth.

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Our Paid Social Marketing Services

Our social media team deliver Paid Social Ad campaigns across a range of platforms, including:

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s audience targeting options are detailed due to its access to a vast volume of data. Our Facebook advertising campaigns drive results by narrowing down the appropriate budget, key messaging and target audiences for your marketing activities. Sitting at over 2.85 billion monthly users, Facebook can help you attract the people who matter the most to your business. Learn more about our Facebook advertising services.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is a highly visual and compelling platform – one that enables you to capture your company’s culture and personality, humanise your content, showcase products and inspire your audience. Our Account Managers can help you extend the visibility and reach of your brand’s visual content. Learn more about our Instagram marketing services today.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, home to over 660 million professionals. Our in-house social media team can help you establish (and connect with) your target audience on LinkedIn. We achieve this through:

  • Creating posting schedules
  • Establishing strategic connections
  • Tracking the growth of your page and audience
  • Implementing tailored LinkedIn Ad campaigns

And more.

Let us help you create professional content that captures your brand’s personality. Learn more about our LinkedIn marketing services today. 

Twitter Advertising

  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Twitter Analytics

Home to over 330 million, Twitter can help you boost engagement and drive action for your brand. You can gain many actionable insights from Twitter, using a suite of innovative marketing features such as:

Learn more about our Twitter comprehensive marketing services today.

Social media provides an effective way for businesses to tap into target audiences online. Due to the immense amount of data they collect about their users, most social platforms enable advertisers to tailor their ads effectively.

Paid social delivers many opportunities for you to reach your target audience, from prospecting to behavioural targeting. Contact our team today to discover the scope of opportunities paid social can provide or discuss how we can improve your existing social media campaigns.

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