Creative copywriting service Warwickshire

We’ll help you convey your USP to market with compelling website copy that’s informative, engaging, and engineered to convert leads into sales

Read on to learn more about the creative copywriting services we deliver across the UK

The Formation team delivers copywriting services across the UK

Formation is a digital marketing agency based in Warwickshire. If you're looking for a UK-based copywriter, you've come to the right pace! Our expert team of creative copywriters has experience across a wide variety of sectors, from sports teams and charities to legal, financial, and manufacturing firms.

No matter what area you specialise in, our copywriting services team will work closely with you and your business to capture the essence of your brand and give it a voice.

We can convey your business messaging with clear, concise, and compelling copy that’s tailored to your audience and driven by SEO.

Everyone wants their business to be seen and heard online, but not everyone has a marketing copywriter in their corner to do the hard work for them. This is where Formation can give you the edge over your competition and drive your business forward digitally.

Working closely with our SEO specialists, our team of creative copywriters use keyword research to optimise your website copy for search engines, helping your business to rank higher on Google. Over 80% of UK businesses now have a website, so the competition in the digital market is higher than ever. SEO-optimised copy is the way to ensure your customers find you first.

We can help you with:

As part of its copywriting services, Formation Media offers blog writing services across Warwickshire and the UK
Our website, blog, and article writing services all incorporate SEO, to make it easy for customers across the UK to find you online
Social media posts are included in our creative copywriting services
Emails and newsletters are part of our copywriting services. Use them to build a community of brand fans across the UK and beyond

The copywriting Process

Step 1: A verbal briefing with our team to discuss the aims and needs of the copy

Step 2: Our in-house team gets to work on research, if required

Step 3: A first draft is written, proofed internally, and then shared with the client

Step 4: Client requests any amends, if needed

Step 5: Amends are made internally, if needed

Step 6: Final proofing internally

Step 7: Once copy is approved by the client, it is published


What’s the difference between copyrighting and copywriting?

Although they sound similar, copywriting services are very different from copyrighting services. While copyrighting deals with the legal ownership of a product, copywriting is the art of selling products or services with words. This can be anything from words on a website, email, or social media post to the words on a poster, sign, or product’s packaging. Even scripted radio adverts are a form of copywriting. If you're looking for a UK-based copywriter to give your brand or business a voice, look no further!

I’ve got something already drafted, will you edit and improve it?

Absolutely! Whether it’s an existing website you’d like improving, a few paragraphs you’ve drafted, or just bullet point ideas, we’ll find the words to promote your product or service in a way that’s true to your brand. We’ll also ensure any online copy is optimised for search engines, so it’s seen by the right people at the right time.

My field is very specialised; how will you write about it?

The writing part of copywriting is only the tip of the iceberg. Under the surface, there’s a lot of research involved in understanding a client’s product, service, or offering. We love spending time getting to know our clients and their needs, so we can craft a truly authentic voice for your brand and business that speaks directly to your clients and visitors. The same level of care and attention to detail goes into every piece of copy we write, whether it’s a page for your website, a blog article, a product launch, or social post, so you can be assured of consistent, quality copy across every platform of your business.

Do you charge per word, hour, or a flat rate?

Copywriting projects are charged at a flat rate. The rate varies depending on the amount of time a project requires. Smaller editing projects that require less research are charged at a lower rate than bigger projects requiring more research.

I need content urgently, can you help?

Yes! Get in touch with a team member today and we’ll begin discussing your requirements immediately.

What other services do you offer alongside copywriting?

Formation Media is a turnkey solution to business growth – your outsourced in-house digital marketing team. We specialise in problem-solving above all else. Where businesses face difficulties, Formation is able to pinpoint and solve them. Alongside our band of copywriters, we have experts in graphic design, web design, software development, animation, SEO, social media, videography, and User Experience, all on hand to provide your business with a complete problem-solving solution to any gaps in its current marketing.

Can I use your copywriting services, even if I have international clients or I'm not based in the UK?

Of course! Although we're a UK-based agency, we have experience of working with international clients and can tailor our copywriting services to appeal to both UK customers and the worldwide market.

I’d like to work with Formation – what happens now?

Whether you’re interested in a sole project or a collection of services, our dedicated account managers are here to help! Give us a call on 01926 298 777 or to email us and we can begin discussing your marketing and copywriting needs immediately.