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30 / 06 / 17

What is Video Content Marketing

What is video content marketing?

You have probably heard of the phrase “content marketing”.

What is content marketing? Content marketing revolves around the creation of relevant, valuable content. Content that provide answers to important questions. For example educational articles; webinars, and e-books.

The purpose of content marketing is to use your content to attract a defined audience. Then, through attracting said audience, you can potentially drive customer action.

Content marketing is a means of using marketing to tell a story. Also, to give substance to content, rather than to create bland content purely for promotional purposes. At Formation Media, we are experts at telling stories. So, we have been embracing the art of content marketing for some time now.

However, as with all things digital, new trends are always on the rise. One of these trends is video content marketing.

Brand storytelling is a valuable tool in content marketing. It’s an age-old tactic of building connections to your customers:

Tell a story, and make it personal.

We have already discussed the power of storytelling for businesses. Additionally, content marketing plays a huge role in that. But, how can video marketing help your business?

How to use video content marketing

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High quality, short videos are some of the most viewed video content online right now.

People spend approximately one hour and forty minutes each day on social media. Furthermore, a staggering 1/3 of all time spent online is spent watching videos.

That’s a lot of people racking up a lot of hours of video every single day.Videos under 60 seconds are likely to score a higher retention rate than longer videos.

For example, online news websites like The Dodo or AJ+ follow this method. These websites tell stories of interest via short videos that capture people. Furthermore, the Dodo tend to rely more on user-submitted clips. Then, they edit the clips into stories.

However, AJ+ act as journalists, as the site is a division of Al Jazeera, the worldwide news organisation.

Nevertheless, both sites tell highly engaging stories through video content. Additionally, they both have two things in common:

They place and emphasis on content and the human element.

Of course, not everyone has a fleet of journalists ready to hunt and find content every day. But, you can still weave video marketing into your content strategy.

For example, you could produce short promotional videos. Perhaps, a video where you follow members of staff in their day-to-day activities. Consequently, videos like that could work well as a miniseries. Moreover, this form of marketing can promote the aspects of your business that people will find interesting.

A new baby or pet, a wedding, charity work and other stories of interest are great for building your profile and translate well into short videos.

"What do I get out of video marketing?" you may be wondering. The statistics prove just how effective video content marketing is.

Video content marketing statistics

It’s been repeatedly proven that video helps not only with customer retention on a site, but improves conversions and click rates:

  • An email with ‘video’ in the subject line is 19% more likely to be opened and viewed.
  • Websites that have video on the homepage will hold the average user for 88% more time than one without.
  • Customers who watch a video are 64% more likely to make a purchase
  • 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch videos for purchasing information and will choose video over text 59% of the time to get information.
  • Mobile video is growing by 100% a year at present.

Video content marketing shows us that people want content they can watch, share, and most importantly, enjoy, regardless of whether it’s selling them a product or telling a story.

Video is a valuable tool for the future of content marketing and shouldn’t be overlooked simply because of lack of skills and experience. Formation are experts when it comes to digital media – contact us today and see how we can help.


Written by Formation Formation