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14 / 06 / 21


This year we took on the task of rebuilding the Hyfore Workholding website. Creating a more dynamic design and improving the user's journey around the site.

Hyfore Workholdings has been working for over 30 years to provide the UK's manufacturers with the world's most innovative high-quality range of standard workholding, hydraulic fixtures, and bespoke workholding solutions. Based in Coventry, they can service engineering businesses up and down the country and throughout Europe. They operate with a comprehensive service that works with their clients from their initial consultation through to the design stage, manufacturing and quality testing their products to ensure that their clients get the absolute best service and a solution that best fits their needs.

When we started the build for Hyfore's new website, we prioritised discovering their core services. On their previous website, it felt as though they didn't have a clear view of how they could help potential clients. So we built the website around them from this investigation and organised them into two different categories, Bespoke Manufacturing and Standard Workholding, each one with four sub-categories. In addition, with a new dynamic design, we were able to make the website look more polished and ensure that it's kept up to date with company news and industry news on the blog page.

With all this in mind, we were able to implement the user's journey into each stage of the build and improve the overall user experience. The website is now easier to navigate, with each core service clearly marked with a small drop-down menu for the sub-categories.

We hope that their new and existing customers find their new website effective and easy to use. To learn more about how we can help you rebuild your site, contact us here or call us on 01926 298 777.

Written by Kathryn Formation