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16 / 08 / 17

What makes a user-friendly website experience?

At Formation, we’re known for our high quality, bespoke, hand-coded websites. We’ve designed websites for a huge variety of clients in many sectors, including industrial, engineering and manufacturing, through to homeware, food and drink, and fashion. Our websites are praised for their ability to hugely improve the user experience, regardless of the website’s function. But what exactly makes a good user-friendly website experience when it comes to making a website? Our Studio Manager, Tom Batchelder, gave us some insight.

Make the destination easy

People love websites to be easy. Nothing makes life easier than when you can find what you’re looking for online with minimal effort. We design our website with a ‘fewest clicks possible’ mindset. Helping people get where they want without frustration, and easily signposting the different options makes a huge difference to the user experience. Keeping menus clean without cluttering them with hundreds of options, and instead using subcategories, is also an excellent way of helping make the steps to the destination much easier for the user.

A mosaic menu that easily shows you all the main options in one place with clear and detailed headers is a great option for improving website navigation. Making sure it is fully responsive and fast is also key to making a good website experience for the user. Our aim is to get you to your destination with minimal clicks, making for a good user experience online.

Thinking through the eyes of the user

You can’t design a customer-based product without first thinking about what they need or want. We take the time to make sure that we fully understand what your customers would be looking for when they come to your website. This means we get a good understanding of the products or services, and how to best present these to a customer. We’re always thinking about how customers navigate a website, and what we feel makes for a good user experience. No stone is left unturned when it comes to considering the user’s point of view on a website, thanks to our rigorous website testing that ensures the experience is as easy to use as possible.

What is the website trying to achieve?

Having a clear objective for the website is important to ensure that we can build you something that accurately reflects your needs. Want to drive online sales? We’ll focus on building you a smart, secure and easy to use e-commerce website. Provide information resources or training? Our focus will be on laying this out in a clear engaging format with easy directions to the further steps, such as signing up for courses. Once we can understand what your website needs to do, we can tailor it to fit these needs and develop it into a platform that excels.

By hand coding our websites, we have much more freedom and choice to design a website that is 100% suited to what you want and need. You’ll be able to add or remove options as they suit you, or embed extras to improve the experience for users. None of this can be achieved properly without first fully realising the objective(s) of the website, so make sure you have a clear idea in mind!

A bad website can really let you down a lot when it comes to engaging with customers. Remember, your website is often the first impression of your company a person will get, so it needs to be as good as possible. Formation’s websites are proven to help improve website traffic, conversions rates, and more, all thanks to our team of developers who work on hand-coding each website and tailoring it to fit your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about Formation, please visit our website or call us on 01926 298777.

Written by Formation Formation