21 / 12 / 23

5 tips for creating New Year wishes for your clients  

It’s the Marketing and PR equivalent of a rock and a hard place: coming up with appropriate Happy New Year wishes for your clients. 

Saying nothing at all seems a bit heartless and a wasted chance to connect with your valued partners. On the other hand, saying too much can come across as gushy or opportunistic. 

So, how do you make the most of this ideal time to express heartfelt thanks and strengthen professional relations going forwards, without it sounding like a mercenary bid for future business?  

Here are 5 tips for composing Happy New Year wishes for your clients that will leave a lasting impression for the coming year, for all the right reasons.  

1. Make it personal 

The only thing worse than sending the same printed, corporate message in your clients’ Christmas cards is repeating the offence with an equally thoughtless New Year’s greeting.  

If you’re going use the season of good will to reach out to your partners, make it count.  

An individually crafted message that speaks directly to the client is worth a thousand generic mailshots. So, take the time to create a personalised greeting that really stands out and shows your client they’re valued.  

2. Make it inclusive 

You know that old saying, “it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it?’, well, it goes for everything your business puts out, including New Year wishes for clients.   

Start 2024 off on the right foot and be conscious in your choice of messaging. Make sure your greeting resonates with both your brand values and your client’s, cementing your shared goals for the year to come without sounding cheesy.    

3. Make it fitting 

Before you send anything, think about your relationship with the client. Are they a current, long-standing partner who’s more of a professional acquaintance? Or are they a new or infrequent client you want to bring into the fold?  

Whether you choose to be light-hearted, familiar, or formal, setting the appropriate tone will ensure your New Year wishes strike the right chord for your client.   

4. Make it different  

New Year is a popular time for professionals to reach out to their partners – and for good reason. There’s no better time to put yourself firmly on your clients’ radar for the coming months. That said, it’s also easy for your greeting to get lost in the white noise with so many ‘Happy New Years!’ flying around. 

Ensure your good wishes have the desired effect by thinking outside the box. A short video message, personalised animation, or interactive greeting will be certain to grab your clients’ attention and make your business stand out from the crowd.       

5. Make it authentic 

However you choose to approach creating your New Year wishes for clients, the most important thing is to keep your greeting genuine.   

Authenticity in businesses is the buzz word at the moment, with over 80% of consumers saying it’s a deciding factor in choosing products and services.  

So, make sure your message sounds like it comes from you, not ChatGPT, and your words of thanks, appreciation, and optimism for the coming months will bolster both your brand and business relations with clients.      

Still lost for words? Whether it’s a custom New Year’s greeting or a whole new marketing campaign, contact the team at Formation Media and we’ll create messaging that really speaks to your clients. 

Written by Emily Formation