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What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is the practice of creating a site that changes its appearance in response to the devices screen size and orientation.

When done properly, a responsive web design will give a user a great experience on any device – from a widescreen monitor to mobile phones to watches!

When you think about it, simply shrinking down an average web page to a smaller screen would be a horrible experience for the user – the text would be tiny, buttons would be unclickable and you’d find yourself constantly pinching your fingers trying to zoom in!

Now, however, thanks to responsive web design, you can make the site a joy to use, no matter how small the screen is.

Key features not to overlook

  • Be sure to adjust the layout! – A simple example would be to take a section that contains three columns of text – this will look great on a monitor but squashed on a smaller screen. We simply target a resolution, 768 pixels wide for example, and then set the columns to the full width of the screen and stack them vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Don’t forget the little details! –It’s important to change the size of the text so it’s clear and legible on smaller screens.
  • Optimise your images. – As mobile users view smaller screens, the images they need don’t need to be as large – chances are, they may be on a slower mobile network as well, so it is important to only display fast loading, optimised images.

Do I really need to invest in a responsive web design?

In a word, yes.

Mobile web design is big news – 55% of all web traffic is now on mobile phones and tablets, with no sign of dropping off anytime soon.

Having a website optimised for mobile devices is now expected by users, and if you don’t have it, they’re likely to look elsewhere.

Google actually estimates that 60% of website browsers will leave a website that’s not mobile-friendly – they rank mobile optimised websites higher on search results because of this.

Responsive Web Design in Warwickshire

Based in our studio in Warwickshire, all of our bespoke websites are developed to be completely responsive on multiple devices, ensuring the best experience for your customers.

For examples of our work, please visit our portfolio.

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