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Twitter marketing is a type of social media marketing that is pretty much as it sounds, using Twitter as means to promote your business. Twitter marketing is a fantastic way to get your company’s voice out there and build a rapport with your customers.

Additionally, social media marketing works as a form of inbound marketing. Customers will come across your social media page when looking for information, or even simply entertainment. Twitter marketing builds trust between your customers and your business, which is a great step towards selling to them.


Why You Should Utilize Twitter Marketing

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Access a Huge Audience

There are 330 million monthly active users. It’s simple. The bigger the audience, the more opportunity. That is why Twitter is a fantastic tool for marketing. Whether on a coffee break or checking the newsfeed in the morning, people are constantly viewing content. Why not provide some of that content for them?

Easy to Manage

Twitter is extremely straightforward. 280 characters and hashtags that allow others to find you. This means that, if you run a small business, you won’t have to spend your whole life typing out long posts.  Uploading images and posting tweets is also very simple.

Any Business Can Use Twitter

A private health service probably shouldn’t be on Instagram, but they could be on Twitter. Charities, Supermarkets and Fast Food Restaurants, are examples of organisations that have found massive success on Twitter. You could be next!

Humanise Your Brand

A good product is no longer enough to be a successful business. Brand identity and ethos are essential to successfully marketing your business. Twitter marketing allows you to get playful, and directly interact with your chosen demographic.

You can even interact with other businesses, following and supporting your partners. That’s why Twitter is a fantastic avenue for any business wanting to get their brand’s voice out there.  Don’t be afraid to get sassy with your tweets!

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At Formation, we utilise social media marketing to help businesses articulate their brand identity and interact with customers. Have a look at our #Twitter

We also have a portfolio of digital marketing case studies.

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