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Advanced Website Analytics & Insights

The foundation of customer loyalty is enabling for a slick and refined user experience – improving your conversion rate, in turn, comes down to identifying the roadblocks your website presents to users whilst they’re on the journey from observer to consumer.

Webpage heatmaps and user recordings, alongside traditional analytics, are powerful tools in the quest to understand your user-base. Our dedicated UX team can collect, analyse, and evaluate this data and use it to tweak copy, change layouts and create the ultimate user experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

The evaluation of website analytics from various tools

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a valuable process that helps truly test the functionality of a website or piece of software and enables for real first-hand, objective feedback.

The process sees a UX tester perform set tasks on a device with an immediate review afterwards on their journey. This exercise is particularly helpful in finding room for improvement directly from a user’s perspective, enabling us to outline potential problems and approach design from a more statistical and evidence-based stance.

We have numerous UX testers available to measure the functionality of a website and call on their expertise often to ensure our work is really tailored to the consumer.


A/B testing

A/B testing gives us an insight into what makes your customers tick. The process sees two different versions of the same marketing piece being distributed simultaneously for comparison purposes. Whether it be for your state-of-the-art website or on your latest newsletter, A/B testing supplies invaluable data that can be used to adjust future marketing material and enhance your customer’s experience.

User Research and Surveying

There’s no better way of assessing the effectiveness of a website than collecting fresh, first-hand feedback from genuine users.

Collecting useful and usable information is not simply a case of bombarding your customers with endless questions however – prompts need to be carefully timed and the responses assessed and analysed appropriately to gain the best insight.

Our development team are able to pepper natural, non-obtrusive, feedback prompts throughout your website to give loyal customers the opportunity to express their thoughts quickly and conveniently – these insights are excellent in helping us develop ongoing digital strategies and marketing campaigns.


Search Engine Optimisation

You’ve got a brand new website, now people need to be able to find it!

A Formation website is already technically optimised to give your site the best chance of achieving high rankings against competitors, the next step is assessing and improving upon content.

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