Project: FluidWorker Case Study

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Formation’s tightly coordinated and client-centric marketing campaign for the promotion of Houghton International’s FluidWorker has involved the efforts of the entire creative studio, and resulted in the creation of a diverse portfolio of interconnected materials.

Pre-campaign, the studio team collectively worked to create a fully comprehensive, cross-platform campaign, consisting of the following:

  • 8-page sales brochure
  • 16-page sales support guide
  • X2 case studies
  • A press release
  • A web feature, with further content marketing articles
  • Social media content
  • Animated promotional video
  • Digital banner advertisements
  • A photography session of the unit
  • Designed and developed digital savings calculator

The objective of the campaign was to remind potential customers of the financial benefits available to them through the use of a FluidWorker unit, whilst highlighting the need for more environmentally considered applications of technology in the metalworking industry.

Sales Brochure

Formation worked closely with Houghton International to produce an eight-page sales brochure, to be distributed in both printed and digital form.


Press Release

In order to reach a wider audience, Formation created a press release to promote Houghton’s FluidWorker unit. This put the product in a newsworthy light and has so far been redistributed by the likes of Industry Europe, Production Engineering Solutions and Business Up North.

Web Article

Produced by our copywriting team, the FluidWorker website article can be located on, the UK division website of Houghton International, a website that that is hosted and managed centrally by Formation Media.

Social Content

In order to secure as broad a social reach as possible, an extensive series of carefully planned social media content was produced.

These sponsored promotions will hit a pre-selected and international audience, along with their bespoke accompanying imagery.

Animated Promotional Video

A custom-created animated video promotion was created in order to support and drive the campaign, with video forming a vital and integral part of modern marketing.


Conducted and shot by members of the studio, up-to-date, engaging and bespoke imagery was photographed and used throughout the campaign to ensure that the unit with instant recognisability.

Formation also managed the design and wrapping of Houghton’s fluid maintenance management units.

Savings Calculator

One of the primary advantages for companies using the FluidWorker unit is the potential cost savings.

In order to allow Houghton International to demonstrate this to potential customers, Formation developed the FluidWorker Savings Calculator – this allows prospective customers to see exactly how much they could save with the use of FluidWorker.

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13K impressions in just over a week. International reach from China, to Russia, to America to Israel! Just under 50 reshares from 1st and 2nd-degree connection

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