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Our process encompasses all of our services for the ultimate solution to your marketing needs. It is a complete digital marketing offering, like employing your own marketing department without the inherent costs. Projects can be tailored to your exact requirements, so you can select the service that suits your budget and needs, allowing you to get on with what you do best. Our services are broken below into four categories. First, insight: this involves strategy, planning and defining the objectives of you and your business – these are critical to maintain consistency and efficiency throughout all projects.

With these insights, we develop your brand digitally: building and designing your digital project with a heavy focus on user experience. Don’t stop there, our services will ensure your digital presence competes with the best of them, stays on top of its game and evolves through a strong social media presence or continued website development. Finally, we help you progress by looking to the future: Formation can take a look at your processes and build custom solutions to improve efficiency.

An effective strategy can only be executed with thorough research and consideration. Rush over the initial process and your marketing efforts are never going to be as effective as they could be. Read More
So much more than a logo or trademark, your brand should represent your business ethos and showcase your personality. Brand guidelines will be written up and feature in all elements of our work, to ensure consistency throughout your advertisement and correspondence. Read More
As more and more of the world opts for the convenience of digital, it’s never been more crucial to start building your digital presence alongside maintaining advertisement on more traditional platforms. Read More
If you haven’t visited our studio in Warwick, this is time to take the opportunity. Our UX Factory is a tailormade room dedicated to mapping your customer’s profile and their digital journey on your website. The UX Factory is based on the belief that to truly create an intuitive and successful online experience and ultimately encourage engagement and conversion, the focus must lie entirely on the users themselves. Using wireframes, this process is truly invaluable in enabling us, and you, to dive into the mind of your customers and their preferences to craft the most optimum website possible. Read More
This is where the fun begins – our talented team of web developers will set to work in crafting your bespoke website. Formation websites use only the latest coding standards and techniques, ensuring that the websites we create will be attractive, accessible and relevant for many years to come. We do not outsource our work; all design and development are completed in-house. Read More
Whilst working on your state-of-the-art website, our talented team of graphic designers and media developers can begin crafting beautifully designed and developed merchandise and video material if desired, whilst adhering to your brand’s guidelines. We have expertise in print, signage and merchandise branding alongside animation and video development to further enhance your brands gravitas. Read More
Once your trailblazing website is crafted, we won’t just sit there and wait for it to fall out of fashion – in this fast-paced digital world a website must be continually developed and updated to stay ahead of its competitors. We utilise advanced analytics software throughout the development and maintenance of your website to give us a deeper understanding of your site and your customers. This continual conversation is fed back to the development team and translated into modifications and additions to your website that will keep your website ahead of trend. Read More
It’s important to be reactive with marketing and to seize opportunities when they arise. Our Circle of Engagement package enables you to focus on other areas of your business whilst our marketing team manages your entire social media presence – let us inform loyal consumers with beautifully crafted MailChimp newsletters, connect with prospective clients on LinkedIn, engage new followers on Twitter and target all the above with considered content marketing articles. Read More
Putting on an event takes a huge amount of time out of your busy schedule. Formation offer high-level corporate event management which raises the profile of your business and delivers a memorable and engaging experience to your delegates. Read More
Cloud-based management interfaces allow access to your software platforms from any device. Formation software platforms can be tailored and developed to suit your exact requirements. Read More
Once we’ve put down the fundamentals of your website, we can begin to help you grow and develop your site as and when the need arises. Spot an area for extended enhancement or wish to discuss a piece of software that can help elevate your business? Speak to us – we’ll always keep the conversation flowing to help you develop as we do. Read More
As advancement in technology continually moves forward, so do we. We spend a great deal of time developing our skills and knowledge by training on new software and innovative technology, ensuring we keep up with our client’s demands in this continuously evolving digital world. Read More

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