Case Study: Quaker Houghton

Houghton came to Formation as a leading yet disjointed entity, offering premium quality products and services but in a way that somewhat confused their customer base; leaving them struggling to define their presence.

Fluid Intelligence

Formation have since collated their complete offering into an encompassing and structured programme named Fluid Intelligence. This programme redefined Houghton and has now been accepted into the newly formed Quaker Houghton; to be rolled out across the globe.

Fluid Intelligence is defined as being able to think and reason abstractly, providing flexible solutions to evolving problems.

Expertise   Service    Equipment   Chemicals

Houghton’s service offering was collated into four key areas, providing a clear, impactful presence for customers. The servitised offering brings Quaker Houghton’s retail model in-line with modern practices, maximising profit margins whilst improving the product for the end-user.



Compliant   Cost-Efficient    Productive   In Best-Practice


Following direct consultation with Houghton’s customer base, it was decided that the programme should be tied to four key attributes, guaranteeing to customers that their business would be able to absorb these key characteristics.

The Fluid Intelligence programme now represents the driving force of the newly formed Quaker Houghton; enabling unprecedented growth.

Continuing work has included strategic marketing campaigns, the opening of a Customer Solutions Centre in Manchester and ongoing refinement of the Fluid Intelligence programme, as the organisation shows persistent growth.

Fluid Intelligence represents a complete transformation in business model and service offering, reinforced by targeted, centralised and persistent marketing activities.


Further to our wider marketing and servitisation activities for Quaker Houghton (formerly Houghton), Formation undertook the creation and management of a complete fluid monitoring software package.

Now named QH FLUIDTREND™, this software solution allows Quaker Houghton’s customers to collect and analyse machine test data in real-time. Complete with an easy-to-use interface, QH FLUIDTREND™ enables users to collate data generated during oil top-ups, providing insightful reports by application point, such as top leakers, top users, as well as cost analysis and usage trends.

The software has been designed and developed completely in-house by Formation and is managed as an on-going project, featuring its own website and promotion efforts.

Among those now utilising the platform are brands as recognisable as Ford, Rolls Royce, Honda and Volkswagen, as just a few of some 150 users across 50 sites.

In addition to both servitisation and software development efforts, Formation also undertakes continued promotional campaign efforts for Quaker Houghton, furthering their brand ideal of ‘Forward Together’.

Pre- and post-merger, Formation has played a substantial role in the growth and development of Houghton and Quaker Houghton; enabling growth on an unprecedented scale.

Formation now work closely with Quaker Houghton and are responsible for maintaining and strengthening Quaker Houghton’s service portfolio and brand image.
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