Branding & Digital Marketing Services in Warwickshire

We help you to create an effective, data-driven branding strategy that enables you to make a strong, lasting impression online.  

A compelling, memorable brand can help you target and engage with the right audience. At Formation Media, we believe that branding can help businesses to turn customers into advocates and supporters. An effective branding strategy can help you make a strong, lasting impression online.  

Some examples of our branding services include:

Brand guidelines 

Our team of experts can put together an extensive set of brand guidelines tailor-made to your business. This document will become your branding bible, outlining everything, including colour schemes, fonts, logo, and the tone of voice. 

Your brand guideline will be implemented across your website design, marketing strategy, social media, and stationary (marketing materials, brochures, and logos) 

Through your brand guidelines, you will be able to ensure that your business appears consistently online and in print. 

Brand voice

Your brand's voice is part of our brand guidelines but equally important. 

We have experts on hand to help craft a brand voice for your business. This will allow you to make more of a personal connection with your audience. We will be able to help your business become more personable and approachable to your audience. 

Not only this, but your brand’s voice also will determine how your team should interact with your audience when using your business's social media accounts. 


The first impression is everything; it is what stays in the audience's mind the longest and what will help them emotionally connect with your brand.  

Having a logo that best represents your business and brand is essential. This is an essential part of your overall brand. Our team are ready to have the back and forth with you to ensure you get the perfect Logo.

Here at Formation Media, we take the branding and digital marketing of your business incredibly seriously. We will take on your feedback at each stage of the process to ensure that your end product reflects you accurately.

Get in touch with one of the team to learn more about how we can help you.