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24 / 06 / 20

The Re-imagining Business Program: Helping Businesses Steer Through COVID-19

I was extremely pleased to be invited to attend the Goldman Sachs virtual, 'Re-imagining Business' program ran by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Furthermore, I was also delighted to receive my Certification of Completion in the post this morning.  

The follow-up course was for the alumni of the original Goldman Sachs 10K small business course, which I completed in 2015 – Cohort 7. 

The syllabus for the Goldman Sachs 10K small business taught me how to manage a business efficiently and prepare it for rapid growth. The knowledge I gained from the course undoubtedly enhanced my commercial awareness.  

I learned a tremendous amount with Cohort 7 at Aston University, under the tutelage of Professor Mark Hart. Subsequently, I went on to deliver my growth plans in Formation Media.  

Peer training is the real win in these courses; working and discussing problems, anxieties with like-minded business owners is invaluable. The type of business is irrelevant; we all share lows, woes, and positives on the journeys of growing our respective businesses.  

The support and additional peer training that would become available from attending another programme was a no brainer for me. 

Here are the four key areas that the syllabus concentrated on over the four-week programme: 

Four key areas

  • Strategy   
  • Marketing & Operations   
  • People & Culture   
  • Finance    

We covered these subjects over three days per week – via webinars, Cohort group calls and, finally, to end each week a Forum.   

The peer training over the four-week programme was invaluable. Our Cohort of 10 members, which subsequently narrowed down to 3 members, confirmed and shared our plans to keep our businesses pushing forward against the negative impacts of COVID 19 – whether that meant pivoting or guiding our companies towards survival, and continued growth. 

I cannot thank the programme directors enough for putting the content together so quickly.  

Also, I want to thank my fellow creatives and alumni Martin Meadows, MD of Workhouse Marketing and Suzanne Peck, MD of the Sequel Group. Thank you both for your time, wisdom and friendship.  

We have agreed as a Cohort to meet virtually once a month; however, I look forward to meeting you in person, in the near future.   

I want to extend the best of luck to all involved, and the same to any other business owner dealing with the same concerns.  

On a final note, I would recommend joining such a community for the educational benefits and the support structures that it provides. 

Written by Martin Managing Director