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04 / 04 / 16

Safeline Young People’s Project

Formation have formed a close relationship with, local charity Safeline. Since designing and developing their new website last year, we have been supporting them ever since, working to promote the amazing services they provide to those who have survived sexual abuse and rape.

A key focus of the charity has been to support young people, not just survivors, but also to work to raise awareness amongst the younger generation in a bid to help prevent sexual abuse and rape.

To support these young people effectively, the charity will launch a separate website later this year through which under 18s can form an online community to support each other.

Safeline have asked us to design this new site for them. The Formation team want to make this website something that these delicate young people can take ownership of and what better way to do this than to include them in the development process?


We worked with Safeline to organise a training programme which would take place over 4 days. Teaming up with local IT company ZenZero, we devised a programme through which four young people working with Safeline could immerse themselves in a working environment to learn new skills and it turned out to be a great success!

This progressive little training programme kicked off with ZenZero who guided the workshop attendees through the process of  putting together their own personal mini computer. They then hosted Formation's part of the course through which we took them through social media, branding, HTML and coding and graphic design. The course ended with the presentation of certificates to those who attended as well as their own personal computer with keyboards, a monitor and mouse to take home.

Social Media Training with Jess

Jess took the team through the basics of social media, highlighting some key issues such as security, obsession and body perception but also outlining the benefits of using it to promote a business.

Branding with Martin


Martin worked with them on the importance of branding and ultimately deciding on a new brand name for the Safeline Young People website.

HTML and Basic Coding with Tom and Phil

Tom and Phil went through some basic HTML coding with the attendees and then guided them through the process of building some WordPress websites, each with their own theme.

Graphic Design tutorials with Lewis

Our graphic designer Lewis worked to illustrate the young people’s ideas for brand names and logo designs, over the period a new logo was envisaged.

What's Next?

We’ve had an amazing response from those who have heard about the programme. Stephen Morley will be taking a group of young people through a retail and hair dressing course later this year. Formation and ZenZero already have plans for another IT and Digital Marketing course.

How you can get involved...

To take one young person through our programme it costs just £200 to pay for their personal computer which they can then take home at the end of the course. If you'd like to sponsor a young person or if you'd like to get involved and provide another valuable training programme to these young people then please get in touch to find out more.

Absolute Works and Warwick Rotary Club have already kindly agreed to sponsor two machines for our next course.

Written by Formation Formation