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06 / 07 / 18

It’s Coming Home: Lisa’s Three Favourite World Cup Marketing Campaigns This Year

In the lead-up and during the World Cup, it’s no unusual sight to see brands using the international tournament to promote their services and spread some football fever.

Love or loathe football – the FIFA World Cup provides countries and brands with great opportunities to unite over a shared passion.

I’m not exactly an avid football fan, but I am a fan of smart marketing! Because of this I’ve been keeping an eye on some of my favourite World Cup marketing campaigns – to see who successfully jumps on that month-long bandwagon and stands out amongst the crowd.

Below I list three of my favourites.

Dream Big with LIDL
Created by TBWALondon, LIDL’s World Cup marketing campaign is cheeky, sweet and showcases yet another one of their brilliant causes, and I love it.

As the Office Supermarket of the England football team, LIDL UK uses the World Cup and the hashtag #DreamBigWithLidl as an opportunity to showcase their grassroots under 11’s football training programmes.

Featuring famous footballers Raheem Sterling, Kyle Walker and Gary Cahill – the one-minute clip sees the athletes get grilled by a set of small, and tough, coaches.

It’s light-hearted and heart-warming – the video does a great job of highlighting LIDL’s community work, whilst showcasing the personality of a few of the players in the England squad.

Umbro and Brett Domino: How to Make a Hit Football Anthem
Pure genius. Created by LOVE, based in Manchester, Umbro and Brett Domino’s collaboration in How to Make a Hit Football Anthem is catchy and funny, and does a brilliant job at being memorable.

Without a UK official World Cup anthem this tournament, Umbro has undoubtedly jumped on a moment of opportunity – the video documents Brett Domino’s journey in composing a world-class football anthem worthy of a world-class football tournament.

As Umbro isn’t an official sponsor of the World Cup, any official sponsors names are bleeped out of the video, which only adds to the light-hearted feel of it all. It’s comedy gold amongst the dramatic and theatrical sports marketing we’re used to.

Showcased on YouTube and Umbro’s other social channels whilst utilising the hashtag #EnglandAnthem, the campaign was launched just before the World Cup began on the 7th June and will be running throughout the tournament, but will no doubt stand the test of time.

Visa's Ultimate Fifa World Cup FOMO
Visa has teamed up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic this World Cup in a series of short videos, to promote their partnership with the World Cup, and convey the message that no one need miss out on the action with Visa, even Ibrahimovic himself, who retired from international football in 2016.

Working alongside AMVBBDO, the collaboration has produced a tongue-and-cheek series of short videos for television and digital along with the hashtag #PayLikeZlatan to showcase.

Admittedly not as cheeky as Umbro, Visa does a great job of using the football star in light-hearted scenes to highlight the ease in which a Visa customer can pay, ensuring they don’t miss a single goal. (It’s a shame their payments weren’t as slick as their marketing at the start of this campaign...)

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Written by Formation Formation