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29 / 10 / 18

Supporting Our Clients from Development to Delivery: Proud to Announce the Launch of FluidTrend

As Houghton’s key account manager, I’ve been delighted to witness the building excitement surrounding the launch of FluidTrend, the brilliant reception the software received during its official launch at SECO ITI2018 earlier this month, and the fantastic feedback we’ve received from clients thus far.

As an incredibly important event in Houghton’s diary, we thought it as good as fate that the launch of FluidTrend should coincide with SECO Tools, Inspiration Through Innovation 2018 – this proved to be a wonderful decision. Utilising a touch-screen monitor over the two-day event, we were able to physically demonstrate the powerful capabilities of FluidTrend to clients new and old, and the feedback was phenomenal.

A bespoke analytical software, completely hand-coded in-house here at Formation, FluidTrend has accumulated over 1,500 hours’ worth of design, development and usability testing in the studio.

User Experience (UX) is at the heart of everything we do here at Formation – this passion and dedication to the user and their journey enables us to produce both beautifully visual and functional pieces of art that stands the test of time for our clients, whilst showcasing their expertise and driving their success.

FluidTrend Software

This passion is why FluidTrend has been such an important job for us – it’s a project that’s come to life on the back of Houghton employee and client feedback, and we’re delighted to help streamline this process, supporting Houghton’s excellent customer service offering whilst reinforcing Houghton’s dedication to future digital development and Industry 4.0.

A piece of software that’s ready to unsettle the metalworking fluid waters, FluidTrend will allow new and existing clients to make responsive and reactive decisions surrounding their production, providing a real-time snapshot into the efficiency of their plant list displaying data such as concentration %, tramp oil, pH, bacteria and fungi/yeast.

Able to pinpoint any one machine from a plant list of ten to ten thousand, and the only software on the market available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple iOS – FluidTrend is wholly mobile and completely customisable, able to support productions of all sizes, from owner-operators to international OEMs.

Ethan at SECO ITI2018

I’d like to extend my thanks to Houghton Commercial & Country Director for the UK & Ireland, Lee Bowditch, for not only trusting us with this important project, but allowing us to bring our expertise and experience to the table to support Houghton in all areas of their digital development.

For more information about all the services we offer, please visit the services section of our website.

For more information please visit the FluidTrend website.

Written by Martin Managing Director