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14 / 07 / 17

NHS site LoveBump launched with Formation

Formation are proud to have launched another NHS website this month, with LoveBump. LoveBump is an advisory site that forms part of the NHS Stop Smoking services, only this is specifically targeted at helping pregnant women stop smoking to improve their health and the health of the unborn baby. LoveBump is particularly targeted at helping women in Derbyshire, who have some of the highest rates of smoking through pregnancy in the UK.

Having previously delivered NHS websites in the past, Formation were well up to the challenge of producing a site that provided clear, concise information without judgment, and with easy access to sources of further help and advice. The website is intended as a point of information for women to then go on to access further Stop Smoking services, either through their local midwife, Stop Smoking Pregnancy Advisor, or GP.

In developing the website, our team decided to add some further interactive elements to help make the information more engaging and easier to understand. We developed a series of short animations on the dangers of smoking in pregnancy told from the perspective of a child, a true/false quiz on facts about smoking during pregnancy, and a series of fact cards on the benefits of stopping smoking for both mother and baby. The site also includes a ‘day in the life’ from a Pregnancy Stop Smoking Advisor, to help women better understand how the services work and what happens to help them get the help they need to quit smoking.

Jack Linstead, Senior Social Marketing Lead for NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands, said of the project:

“Engaging with women who smoke during pregnancy can be very hard and as part of our campaign in Derbyshire we needed a website which would reflect the dynamic nature of the campaign, and would continue to reflect the emotional and educational messages.

Formation has been outstanding in coming up with ideas beyond the original brief in making sure the website not only works across platforms and utilises the interactive media, such as the animations, but also in developing new ways of engaging with visitors, such as an online quiz for pregnant women.”

Formation are pleased to have worked on another successful NHS website, and look forwards to completing more in the future.

You can visit LoveBump at

Written by Formation Formation