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16 / 11 / 18

Meet The New Guys!

Formation has witnessed one of the busiest periods since inception back in 2006. The business has, and is, moving from strength to strength – coupled with the growth of our international clientele, Formation needed to get more hands-on-deck.

Formation’s services highlight the talent of our highly skilled individuals, each being experts within their particular field. The recruitment campaign took several months, ensuring we recruited only the crème de la crème! We wanted to make sure that the chosen few could deliver our signature Formation promise: being #Proven in the industry whilst fitting into our tight-knit Formation family.

We’re delighted to announce we’ve recently welcomed three new members to our team, including a graphic designer, a front-end web developer and an account manager. A further, much-needed web developer will also be joining in the next couple of weeks.

With all that said and without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you the new members of the Formation family. (from left to right)

New Staff
Paul Zaharia – Graphic Designer
Mauro Napplini – Front End Web Developer
Hattie Plackett – Key Account Manager

The Creative Master (who also goes by the name of Paul) shares with us how in the daytime he’s a multidisciplinary graphic designer for more than a decade, an enthusiast in good food, pale ales and custom-tailored clothes. In the night, however, he’s looking for AB-negative blood victims (or watching Netflix), he is also proud owner to Samantha, the Royal Python!

Mauro, Formation’s resident nice guy originally from Barbados is our super healthy, peanut loving, cycle-fanatic and all-round coding King.

With her wealth of experience in medical comms and marketing agencies (whilst also having the patience of a saint), Hattie is keen to get going, “I am excited to join the team as a Key Account Manager and meet all of the lovely Formation clients!”

Written by Kathryn Formation