10 / 08 / 18

Internal Marketing –  How Employees are your Secret Marketing Weapon!

Market to Your Employees

Yes, that’s right! Your employees are one of your best marketing tools. The theory of internal marketing is that customers’ attitudes toward a company are based on their entire experience with your organisation and not your product. Connect your employees to your brand by ensuring they are on board when it comes to your company’s vision. Your employee’s connection to the company is vital to contribute to the bigger picture of a successful business.

Treat them Mean, Keep Them Not so Keen

Happy employees equal hard-working employees. A recent Forbes study showed a significant return on investment when the welfare of their employees was of high importance. Your workforce is the face of the business. Employees are crucial to the success and growth of your brand. In return for prioritising your employee’s welfare, they will keep clients satisfied, work harder and naturally increase customer retention and revenue. As you can see, I'm a very happy Formation employee!



Successfully employing internal marketing isn’t difficult. Ongoing training, access to information and encouraging collaboration between departments are all ideas to bring community spirit to the team. The simplest way, however, is communication, whether it’s through emails, one-to-ones, staff meetings, or even internal chat software.

Encouraging internal communications can come in many other creative forms whether it’s an ‘employee of the month’ feature in your newsletter/website or even a trip to the local after work on a Friday. If a member of staff is not motivated and passionate, their work will reflect it. (So those trips down to the pub with your colleagues are paying off after all!)


Something to Remember

Internal marketing is no one-hit-wonder, it needs to be an ongoing process to ensure that the workforce continues to strive, be empowered and are led by example.  The only things you need are openness, flexibility, and a desire to do things better for better results. #PROVEN

Take a leaf out of our book

Here at Formation, we respect each other and our joint skill-sets, we are a team, thus support each other with shared knowledge and good practice. We are hard working, we all agree and sign our Formation values, we confront team members if they lose track of our ambitions and service and are confident in our abilities to support and grow clients businesses.


Formation should be part of everyone's marketing toolkit. If you'd like more top marketing tips, contact us today

Written by Kathryn Formation