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08 / 11 / 17

Let’s get visual: Images in marketing

With the rise of smart technology like phones, tablets, and apps, images are around us more than ever before. Whether they’re shared or original, almost every platform you access nowadays will be filled with images and visuals, like animations, graphic design, and videos.

The key purpose of images is to illustrate something; a product, a service, a fact, a process, images have a huge range of capabilities and can be applied to many different situations.

An image could be a photo, an illustration, an animation, an infographic, a meme or something completely new! Images are easily accessible to all people and are great for helping distribute information in new ways other than writing.

Thanks to our expertise in a variety of creative formats, Formation are here to help with anything you might need for visual and graphic design.

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Get people talking on social media with amazing images

Why use images in marketing?

Given that images are so integral to the digital world, it’s not surprising that marketing makes use of them in many different ways. Some key reasons for using images in marketing are:

  • Help sell your products and services. A picture’s worth a thousand words as the old saying goes, and it’s never more appropriate than when it comes to selling! A beautiful picture of your products or a happy customer after receiving your services can help generate more sales and positive PR than a single news article in some cases.
  • Excellent for information. Infographics are the most widely shared type of posts on social media. An infographic shared on Twitter could get up to 832% more shares and retweets than any other type of post. Infographics are fantastic for helping break down facts into an easy-to-read format. Lots of education and public sector companies use infographics as another way of distributing key messages.
  • Improve your SEO and Google rankings. Yes, images really can improve your websites! Properly labelled and appropriate images can help drive traffic to your posts as they tie into keywords and search terms.

Getting the most from images

You’re ready to start using images in your marketing, but what’s the best way to approach it?

Almost everyone has access to a camera now thanks to smartphones, but don’t always be tempted by the easy option in your pocket. Images, especially when it comes to photography, work best when they are clear, good quality and engaging.

We’ve put together a few tips on how to get the most from using your images below:

  • Choose original images over stock where possible. Sometimes we have to dip into stock photography from time to time, but wherever you can choose original imagery. Original images, such as ‘behind the scenes’ in your office, or sealing a new contract deal, have the potential to generate huge engagement on social media. For your website, they help emphasise the genuineness of your company and the people who work there.
  • If you are using stock, choose quality, reputable sites. Some top sites for free stock imagery are Pexels and Pixabay.
  • Use humour – where appropriate! Don’t be afraid of posting a funny photo or a meme if it fits with your company’s voice. For example, pictures from a team night out could be a great choice for your social media as a more lighthearted approach.
  • Let your images speak for themselves. When images are good, they don’t need much else. Pair with strong graphic design and branding with clean, clear text for maximum impact. Invest in high-quality company camera or even a professional photographer for events where images really matter.

Ready to get visual? Use these tips for your images and you’ll start to see a difference! But if you need help with graphic design, branding, or imagery, contact the Formation team for our expert help.

Written by Formation Formation