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31 / 10 / 16

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Two thirds of internet users are active on social networking sites, so the benefits of using social media from a business perspective for advertising and promotion are far too great to ignore.

Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become marketing giants, offering businesses a free channel of communication to their customers, as well as providing valuable data about them. Social media marketing is cost-effective and has the potential to boost business growth (if used correctly!).

Here are five benefits of social media marketing that you could be taking advantage of:

1. Improve Website Ranking on Search Engines

While basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is paramount for achieving a higher page ranking and increasing inbound traffic to your domain, according to Social Media Examiner (Page 21) almost 60% of marketers, who have used social media for over a year, see improved search engine rankings. Appearing in the top position for your keywords will boost your traffic, and potentially generate prospects and sales leads.

2. Satisfy your Customers

A proactive social media presence creates a voice for your company that your customers can engage with. By giving them the ability to make queries, comments or give feedback on your pages, they will in-turn appreciate receiving a human response, instead of an automated one. Acknowledging comments from your customers shows that you are mindful of their needs while giving them a sense of self-importance, increasing brand loyalty.

3. Very Cost-Effective

The best part about social media marketing is that there is no initial set-up fee. Creating an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is completely free and takes a matter of minutes. Furthermore, any paid promotions or campaigns you choose to run through social channels are a relatively small cost in comparison to AdWords campaigns. Thus you are likely to see a better return on investment, as well as retaining budgets to invest in other marketing pursuits.

4. Gain Further Insight Into Your Market

Another extremely useful part of social media is that you can learn about your customers' needs and opinions directly. Whether it be a post, comment, or engaging with other content, you can gain an insight into their interests. Moreover, this invaluable information is entirely free, saving you time and money by removing the need to conduct further market research.

5. Become an influencer

Posting original, informative content for your audience is the best way to position yourself as an expert in your field, an influencer. Instead of following trends, you should aspire to become the trendsetter.

To do so, building your presence is vital. Connect with your audience, share insightful content and be seen as an authority figure to cultivate a larger following. Then, when your social media campaign is put to work, alongside your other marketing efforts, you will be more efficient in creating relationships with loyal customers and considered an influencer in your particular industry.

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