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09 / 05 / 19

Formation’s New SEO Specialist

Since May 2018 Ethan Oshoko has been a member of the Formation team. He found his way in as an SEO Specialist within the marketing team, providing an invaluable service to Formation and our clients alike.

Since last year Ethan has progressed rapidly in his role and has begun to take on a more development aspect, allowing him to further his SEO efforts and provide a more in-depth and bespoke service.

I took the chance to grill Ethan about his new role and what It means for Formation and our clients.

Formation: What is your new role?

Ethan: “Technically, my new role is still ‘SEO Specialist’, however, with my new-found web development skills, I will be able to have more control over the architecture and design of a website, allowing me to focus more on SEO and UX.”

Formation: How much of a change is this for you?

Ethan: “It varies quite a lot! Some days I do pretty much the same work I did in previous role. However, other days I’m coding and doing web development which is completely new to me.”

Formation: Where does your new role fit into the grand scheme of Formation’s services?

Ethan: “My role focuses on Continuous Development, which refers to Formation’s continuous support of websites after design and launch.

We found that in today’s highly-competitive digital marketing world, it’s essential to continually improve content and user experience of your website to generate leads, which is why we have expanded our services to offer continuous development.”

Formation: What made you want to develop your role?

Ethan: “It happened pretty organically. As I needed to have a higher level of control over websites to improve their SEO architecture, the only resolution was to learn development myself; there are many aspects of the ‘back-end’ that impact SEO that I would otherwise be unable to control.”

Formation: How does SEO benefit companies?

Ethan: “SEO benefits companies primarily through improving the top tiers of the sales funnel – awareness and leads. Awareness is increased by targeting Google search results to do with the information – this builds trust with the user. Leads are increased by targeting keywords to do with services or products – this brings the companies users who are looking to purchase.

Additionally, SEO is a very cost-effective way of generating leads in sales. Instead of ‘standard’ advertising such as AdWords, SEO continues to give you a return on your investment, even if you stop paying.”

Ethan continues to provide a vital part of our continuous development services here at Formation, whereby we can not only design a bespoke website for a client but also continue to enhance and improve after the fact.

If you want to find out how Ethan and his SEO brilliance could help develop your company’s web presence and provide fantastic ROI, contact us today.

Written by Kathryn Formation