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28 / 11 / 19

Formation on the Road to ISO 9001

Laid out by the British Standards Institution, ISO 9001 is a leading quality management certification, recognised the world over. This standard is most commonly held within the manufacturing sector, an area in which Formation has a considerable deal of experience as well as a sizeable client base.

Thanks to the overlap and a desire to continuously improve the service we offer all of our clients, we made the decision to work towards this benchmark. Now halfway through the process, we have recently received confirmation of our success in the completion of stage one.

This has involved auditors examining our existing overall processes and ensuring that they are up to scratch and that we adhere to them.

The next stage will involve auditors taking a more precise look at small-scale processes, and sitting down with individual staff members to determine their process structures.

Once achieved, ISO 9001 will enable Formation to guarantee to our clients that their work will be of a set standard. Where discrepancies occur, they will be examined, in order to understand the root cause and how it can be avoided in the future.

In this way, we will be able to continuously evolve our processes, ensuring that the quality of our work can only improve. ISO 9001 will also, in this way, make us accountable to our clients and to ourselves.

ISO 9001 solidifies our position at the head of our industry, signalling the exceptional standards to which we adhere to.

While we still have plenty of work to do in securing the full certification, we are extremely proud to have achieved this major first step, with the all-important second stage set to take place later this year and early 2020.

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Written by Dave HR & Quality Director