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16 / 03 / 20

Our COVID-19 Policy

Due to the alarming impact of the COVID-19 outbreak across Europe, we are wary of the urgent need to protect the welfare of both our employees and clients. As a result, we have decided it would be wise to adopt a self-isolation approach as a business.

Please familiarise yourself with the key elements of our COVID-19 policy.

Formation Media COVID-19 Policy

Networks, events and client meetings

For the upcoming two week period, the Formation staff will not:

  • Take part in business or networking events
  • Attend client meetings personally, whether it be an internal or external meeting. As a substitute, we will implement the use of digital meetings via communication tools such as GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams and Skype.
  • Be present at social events.

Working from Home Policy

On the 18th March, we adopted the policy of working from home, following the new government directive. We shut down our studios and offices on Tuesday 17th March, and we plan to extend this closure until Friday 27th March.

On 27th March, we will actively review our policy of office closure and make an appropriate decision moving forward. 

We, as a digital business, are fortunate to be able to work as a team from home remotely. We have planned for such a contingency, and are now ready to implement this plan.

This structure, however, will not affect our ability to support all our valued clients, colleagues and friends.

Without a doubt, at Formation, we will be able to carry on business as usual while protecting the safety of our staff.

You will be able to get in touch with our team via our VoIP phone system. We, however, ask that you contact us through email on the first instance.


Throughout 18th March to 27th March, we will assess our COVID-19 policy. If, by the end of this period, we deem it necessary to continue with this active approach, we will continue.

At Formation, we ask that you work cooperatively with us to protect the health and wellbeing of yourself and those around you. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about Formation’s COVID-19 Policy, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Written by Martin Managing Director