Formation Media Supports Nationwide Charity: Safeline

Since May 2015, Formation Media Ltd have worked with and supported Safeline, a nationwide charity providing essential support for the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and rape. A largely taboo societal matter, Safeline came to Formation with a mission and a goal: to become the number one national charity for supporting those affected by sexual abuse and driving preventative awareness to all reaches of the country. The impact of abuse is devastating and long-lasting and it remains a very taboo subject, however with 8m women and 5m men in the UK affected by it, Safeline were determined to protect and support as many people as it possibly could.

Over a period of two years, Formation have reinforced Safeline’s messages with a variety of digital projects and campaigns to help them get closer to their goal. The development of a fully responsive and innovative website and the hosting and continual maintenance of said site, driving social media campaigns cross-channel across Facebook and Twitter and supporting the site with an ongoing live blog, supplying professionally finished articles helping Safeline engage with their required demographic. Formation drove a complete branding exercise for Safeline, designing and developing the visual brand from the ground upwards.

Digital marketing campaigns include bespoke bi-weekly articles on either relevant live issues or current events and milestones at Safeline. Twitter and Facebook activity is dynamic, systemised, tracked and reported to ensure no enquiries are missed and as much traffic is driven to the site, and most importantly, to Safeline’s crucial services.

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The support Formation provide is ongoing, with weekly marketing workshops with Safeline’s CEO, Neil Henderson, who said:

“Martin Gordon (Formation MD) and his team developed and implemented a coherent Marketing strategy that has transformed the charity and the way people view the work it does. He changed the brand to capture the thoughts, feelings, and expectations that the charity wanted to create for its clients. Gone are the days when people were made to feel ashamed and embarrassed about their abuse, the brand is now positive and uplifting and full of possibility about how people can recover with the right support. This strong positioning has built genuine brand equity and it is reflected in everything Safeline now does, the people it recruits, the way its staff and volunteers support people affected by abuse, the way it talks about abuse, its website and communications.

The impact of what Formation has done for Safeline cannot be over stated. In the last 2 years, as a result of increased awareness, the charity has trebled the number of people it has supported from 2,000 in 2015 to 6,000 in 2016. Income has grown by 132%, which has enabled the charity to invest in frontline services to support more people in more effective ways. The charity is now recognized nationally as a high-quality provider of specialist services although it remains very loyal to its Warwickshire roots. Access to Safeline services has been made easy to so that people affected by sexual abuse can access the right support quickly and more people who used to ‘run away’ from the subject matter are now working with the charity to protect and support even more people. All of us are indebted to what Formation has helped us achieve.

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Written by Formation Formation