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04 / 01 / 21

Formation is its team: A culture of learning

Engrained in our ever-evolving culture is an active encouragement of self-development. We are open-minded with a passion for shared learning and a view of continuous improvement.

A career with Formation represents a commitment to something bigger than the individual, embarking on a journey of personal and professional growth, with one goal in mind: success.

We are currently in the process of putting together a ‘training programme’ for our web and software development team in conjunction with our development philosophy, ensuring our team has a set structure of approved courses to complete. Everyone is then trained in the same manner. Additionally, there is quality control of the training resources and further discussion can take place as there is always that initial reference point of learning.

The aims and benefits of training

  1. Engagement – an engaged team means better productivity, motivation, brand loyalty and lower turnover of team members. Leading to greater company-wide structure, consistency and client satisfaction
  2. Growth - The ultimate aim of training is to bring benefit to yourself and Formation, improving our unique skill-set offering to our cross-section of clients.
  3. Innovation – It is so important to take a step back from the day-to-day firefights and workload to learn something new that can generate new streams of revenue. Good time management, allocation and scheduling drives individual learning leading to new innovative ideas. In an ever-changing technological industry like ours, it’s crucial to be at the forefront of new thinking

Below is a full list of training courses completed by our team:

  • Neil – Adobe Premier Pro video editing and Adobe Dimensions 3D modelling training, Adobe XD Training, UX Training.
  • Dan – EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training.
  • Simon - EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training, Laravel Laracasts PHP Training, Udacity ES6 JavaScript Training Course.
  • Ethan – EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training, Laravel Laracasts PHP Training, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.
  • Sophie – EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training, Skillshare InDesign Training.
  • Aggee – SEO Strategy Training (, Google Analytics Training, EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training.
  • Kathryn – Google Analytics Training, EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training, Ability Net Introduction to Digital Accessibility.
  • Jason – Laravel Laracasts.
  • Danny – EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training.
  • Dave - EDX W3Cx Accessibility Training.
  • Azeem – Udemy Design Masterclass in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Design Theory, Branding and Logo Design (, Udemy VueJS Course, Udemy Javascript, Bootstrap and PHP Course, Google Analytics Certification.
  • Paul – Adobe After Effects training.
  • Eva – Open University Business management & Accountancy Degree.
  • Martin - Outside obsessive self-education through reading, he's currently completing an online Photography course.
  • Hector - Laravel Laracasts PHP Training.
  • Anthony – Adobe After Effects Training.


This article is part of a 3-part series on our pro-active culture at Formation Media during COVID-19. They initiated after getting some great feedback from the team after an engagement session – a lunchtime online quiz which has now become a weekly occurrence! Initially, I thought the topic and theme would be about how difficult life has been during the pandemic. I then realised that thanks to the digital structure, combined with an engrained culture of agility and learning, it has allowed us to thrive as an organisation.

Written by Dan Studio Manager