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31 / 07 / 17

Formation continue to improve Police and Crime Commissioner processes

Earlier this year, we wrote about our success at the Avon & Somerset Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) with our training day with their Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs). We were pleased to be invited to the Northamptonshire OPCC to implement this training and duplicate those successes, having been in communication for some months about introducing ways to improve their workflow.

Police Commissioner Solutions (PCS) are dedicated to providing bespoke web solutions to help improve work processes for OPCCs throughout the UK. We have worked to build software and websites that accurately reflect the ways the police force work, and tailor these to suit each respective county.

As part of our work as PCS, we have developed a web-based application to greatly simplify and streamline the processes of the ICVs and their duties. The app, simply known as the Independent Custody Visitor App (or ICV App for short), is designed to be used as a replacement for paper forms, allowing issues to be flagged and resolved quicker, as well as cutting down on paperwork for everyone involved. It also improves on the processes of yearly reporting, as the app generates these based on all the data stored within it as the ICVs add their visits and observations.

We have launched the app for a number of OPCCs across the UK - all of which have reported remarkable improvement on their existing processes and the ICVs have praised the app for its ease of use.

The day at Northamptonshire was a great success for everyone involved, with the Independent Custody Visitors really embracing the app and its uses in just a few short hours. Our Marketing Manager, Joe McGurk, walked them through every stage of the app, giving demos and providing help with common questions and issues. We worked closely with Alexa Daly, Public Participation Advisor for Northamptonshire OPCC as well. PCS is pleased to continue rolling out this app to OPCCs across the UK, with several other regions interested in user testing and demonstrations in preparation for roll-out.

If you are from an OPCC and require a way to consolidate your independent custody visiting process, don’t hesitate to contact us for a conversation.

PCS is a trading name of Formation Media, a digital development and design agency based in Warwick.

Written by Formation Formation