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12 / 12 / 19

Formation achieve ISO9001 with flying colours

I am delighted to confirm that Formation Media has been awarded the Quality Management ISO 9001 certification, having passed the initial administration stage only recently, and having an approved auditor visit this last week, for a thorough grilling. Our newly issued certificate gains top position on our wall of fame.

Formation, is highly process-driven company anyway, as part of measuring the success of our digital marketing campaigns, and our continuous improvement mentality. So supported with the hard work and commitment of our HR & Quality Management Director Dave Dunlop in documenting and managing the entire process, made for a positive outcome, which it did.

Not only did we pass the first time, but also with zero Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) and Formation being complimented by the auditor on the efficiency of all of our internal processes, structures and documentation.

Why does a marketing agency need ISO 9001? 

Although we complete many projects for B2B and public sectors, such as the NHS and Police. Formation specialises in working with and supporting the engineering and manufacturing sector, so it made perfect sense to have the same quality management structures in place to align ourselves with our client base.

Specialist Industrial Marketing Agency First in the UK to Obtain ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001 certification has become almost the norm within the manufacturing and industrial sector, and a stamp of quality and accountability.

Within the creative and marketing sector, however, ISO has been largely neglected, perhaps for fear of stifling creativity or a feeling that it’s not relevant. For Formation Media though, ISO 9001 has become the latest addition to an impressive list of certifications.

At Formation, the team has found that a process-driven approach has drastically improved our workflow and quality, with the ISO 9001 implementation acting as a powerful formalisation of an existing approach.

The product of months of audits and process consideration, the certification was spearheaded by Formation’s HR & Quality director, David Dunlop, in conjunction with Managing Director, Martin Gordon, and the collective Formation team.

formation media studio

Despite a breadth of both B2C and B2B marketing experience, Formation Media specialises in creative marketing and business solutions for the industrial sector, with a proven record of delivering business growth for industry leaders.

Under an ISO 9001 quality management system, Formation will be able to guarantee to its clients a consistently unrivalled standard of work. Also, it will allow Formation to improve its processes continually, adapting and learning from mistakes as it always has done.

“Our new ISO 9001 certification brings Formation to par with our prestigious clients in the manufacturing sector, providing them with a new level of peace of mind and formally demonstrating to others our commitment to our clients. Allowing them to engage the web-design and software development skills of a fellow ISO-certified organisation, a real rarity within the field.” 

Founded in 2006, Formation Media is the agency behind the development of the Engineering Technology Group, Quaker Houghton (formerly Houghton International) and a roster of other leading names.

About Formation Media: 

Based in Warwick, Formation Media is an ISO 9001 certified leading digital marketing agency specialising in the industrial sector. With experience in all forms of marketing from B2B to B2C, Formation offers the complete turnkey solution to business growth, utilising website design and digital marketing as its primary tool, while providing cutting-edge, bespoke software development. With over 20 employees, including designers, developers, account managers, social media experts and PR copywriters, Formation is the ultimate one-stop-shop for businesses looking to expand.

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Written by Martin Managing Director