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08 / 08 / 19

Emojis – The new era for SEO

SEO efforts can make or break a brand’s online presence. It’s also a field that is constantly evolving, requiring near unceasing work to keep up to date.  Its latest development though is likely to strike some as a little odd, if not unsurprising.

This comes in the form of emojis; those animated little characters that are increasingly creeping their way into the online world as a whole.

The growing use of emojis

On Facebook alone, 900 million emojis are sent every day. 2019 will see the introduction of over 200 new emojis. With the icons being the fastest growing language on Earth for several years.

This growth can be attributed to digital users increasingly using emojis either to support their messages or to replace them entirely.

As annoying as some might find them, they serve a purpose. Allowing for the removal of some of the ambiguity involved in purely text-based messages. They also allow for those with diminished language skills to communicate more effectively, as well as transcend normal language barriers.

Emojis and SEO

Alongside the growth in the usage of emojis. It’s becoming increasingly common for users to enter search terms into Google with the assistance of an emoji.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Google, which has begun to adapt and incorporate them into their SEO criteria. As a result, their usage is becoming an increasing factor to consider when devising SEO strategies.

Using emojis in content, provided it’s performed intelligently, may well help boost your SEO efforts as a result. As with any content, Google will always prioritise content that is most relevant to the user. The use of emojis could be considered beneficial.

By the same token, emojis which are used in a spammy or inappropriate manner will have a negative effect.

As well as the more basic inclusion of emojis in web copy, it is also now possible to make use of them in metadata such as title tags, meta descriptions and Google My Business Listings. Again though, the number one SEO principle of creating quality, relevant content cannot be forgotten.

Brands using emojis

It’s not just everyday users who are beginning to take increased advantage of this emergent language; brands are starting to see the potential too.


By using emojis, brands are able to engage in a format which is increasingly more identifiable for users and to elicit a more emotional response from their audience. Brands which are able to create this emotional response amongst users are proven to leave a more lasting impression.

This is particularly the case when it comes to social media copy, with social media being the key platform for emoji use.

It is comfortably speculated that in the not-too-distant future, brands will begin to incorporate emojis into their names and image. Partially in order to boost their SEO credentials as the face of SEO continues to evolve.

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Written by Kathryn Formation