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17 / 12 / 19

Elf Day Round-Up

On Friday the 6th of December, we hosted our own little Elf Day here at Formation. We vowed to be a part of the festive fun, and we stayed true to our word.


In fervent support of the fight against dementia, the entire Formation team clocked into work on Friday morning sporting their best elf get-ups.

A few of our teammates went all out and arrived at the office dressed in elf clothing from head to toe, while others arrived simply rocking an elf hat.

On the 6th, the Formation office was beaming with the Christmas spirit. We ate a lot of mince pies, laughed a lot and spent some time bonding with our teammates.

We all learnt a great deal about one another.

Here is one of the many revelations we made:

  • The Formation team is international, with team members hailing from all over the globe; from South Africa to Congo to Romania.

What else happened on Formation’s Elf Day?

To brush up on our teamwork, we wrapped up Formation’s Elf Day with plenty of team-building challenges.

We had to tap into our creative spirit for some of these challenges. We weren’t about to let Elf Day finish without everyone in the team having a go at building a spaghetti tower!

Later on in the afternoon, we split into two teams and tackled many other problem-solving challenges.


Safe to say, the Formation team is one step closer to mastering the art of teamwork.

Thanks to the help of our team, our clients and some friendly strangers, we were able to raise £275.

We will donate all of our raised funds to the Alzheimer’s Society, to aid in the fight against dementia.

On a final note, we want to give a big thank you to those who supported us in our efforts to help the Alzheimer’s Society. Because of the support you gave, we all will be one step closer to eliminating dementia.

To find out more about Elf Day and the fight against dementia, visit the Alzheimer’s Society official Elf Day website here.

We will beat dementia.

Merry Christmas,

The Formation Team

Written by Kathryn Formation