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15 / 09 / 15

Does anyone care about my tweets?

Do you feel like you’re putting time and effort into using Twitter only to generate minimal engagement? This isn’t uncommon. Many people are often left wondering ‘does anyone actually care about my tweets?’

Twitter can be great for building your brand, engaging with customers and driving traffic to your website, however in order to see the best results, you will need to think carefully about the content you are sharing.

People will care about your tweets if you are creating content that is interesting and relevant to them.

Are you a link spammer?

If you find that not many people appear to reply to your tweets or retweet (share) them, it may be because they feel you are spamming them with links. If you only use Twitter to share links to your website, your products or articles you’ve written, it’s understandable that people might get a little fed up of your self-promotion.

In order to generate the best results from Twitter, you need to share content that is valuable to your followers. Tweeting a product link every now and then is fine but the rest of the time, you should be focusing on sharing meaningful content, written by yourself and others in your industry.

Creating valuable content

If you want people to care about your tweets, you need to find out what’s important to them and create content around it. Say you work in the beauty industry - important topics may include skincare, animal testing and makeup application. Creating tweets and content around these topics will help you to improve engagement with your followers.

Ask questions

Another great way to generate replies for your tweets is to ask your followers questions. Make sure they relate to your industry and are based on topics that you know people will have an opinion on.

Using hashtags

Tweet about topics that matter to your followers to encourage engagement and don’t be afraid to ask them questions
Tweet about topics that matter to your followers to encourage engagement and don’t be afraid to ask them questions

Including relevant hashtags in your tweets will help you to reach a wider audience who are actively searching for tweets on a particular topic. You only need to include a couple of hashtags in each tweet and make sure they are relevant or you're content will end up looking like spam.

Make sure you’re not making this mistake!

Whilst your content could be the reason you’re not generating much of a response from your tweets, you could also be making a simple mistake, which will prevent many people from seeing your tweets. That mistake involves using the @-mention at the beginning of your tweet, without adding any characters before it. If you do this, only the person you have mentioned and people that happen to follow both you and that other person will be able to see your tweets. It will be hidden from the rest of your followers.

If you want all of your followers to see your tweets in their streams, you need to make sure you start your tweet with a character, not an @username.

Written by Formation Formation