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09 / 04 / 20

Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies

There are many different examples of digital marketing strategies. So much so that it can be hard to choose the suitable ones for your business.

If you are building a website, you are probably interested in creating good marketing strategies.

Nowadays, you can access the internet from anywhere. For example, you can access it from a laptop, a phone and even a television. A good digital marketing strategy is key to the success of any business.

Firstly, it can spread your brand message to a wider audience. Some examples of traditional marketing include:

  • Cold calls
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Print

What makes digital marketing better than traditional?

You do not have to wait for a long time to see the impact of your published digital content. Using analytic tools, you can track the traffic you receive from Search Engine Result Pages. Furthermore, you can track the number of clicks your website received.

Digital marketing comes in many different forms. Moreover, it allows you to attract customers in creative ways. All of which you can do on a budget. There are many different examples of digital marketing strategies.

Below, we have broken down a few of them:

There are many different elements to a digital marketing strategy. Below, we’ve broken down a few of them:

Types of digital marketing strategies


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this helps websites to rank better in search engine result pages. The better the SEO, the higher your website will rank.

Why do you need SEO? Because effective SEO helps to boost organic traffic for your website.

There are, however, three forms of SEO that you need to take into consideration:

On-Page SEO Marketing Strategy

On-page SEO is when you optimise your web page content for search engines and users. Furthermore, on-page SEO is the factor you control on your website.

Part of on-page SEO involves keyword research. What is keyword research? Keyword research is the process of finding and analysing search terms people use on search engines.

Additionally, we can retrieve data about keywords. For example:

This way if you’re trying to answer a question that appears a few times with that keyword, then you can answer the question and have a higher rank on the results page. 

Off-page SEO Marketing Strategy

We associate this with the actions that take place away from your website. This tells the search engines what users think of your site. For example, if there are a lot of links from other reputable sites to yours, it tells the search engine that you have valuable content. So the search engine will naturally put you higher in the ranking on the results page. 

Technical SEO

This focuses more on how you code the pages of your site. This includes image compression and CSS file optimization. Failing to perform technical SEO effectively can affect the websites loading speeds, which is essential when trying to get a higher ranking on the search engine results page. 

Social media in your digital marketing strategy

Social media can be an essential element of your digital marketing strategy. It can help you increase your brand and promote it to a larger audience a lot easier,  driving traffic to your site and hopefully creating business leads for your business. The different social media platforms you can use for your business are Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. 

For each of these platforms, there are different social media management platforms such as Later and Hootsuite. Social media management platforms can pull each of them together into one place and allow you to schedule content and monitor the analytics for the posts. This can also help improve your marketing strategy and allow you to implement changes. 

Whiteboard with a digital marketing strategy written on it

Content Marketing

Content marketing is when you create different content assets that you are able to promote to your audience and prospective clients. These creative assets can help grow your brand awareness, leading people to your site.

You can also use these assets to generate new customers. 

Featuring Blog posts on your business’ site can help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, blogs are a great way of creating organic site traffic. 

Infographics are an easier way of getting a large quantity of information across to the reader. They consist mainly of images or charts which give you an easy to read and understand overview of a subject.  

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click has become a way of getting traffic on your site by paying different publishers every time someone clicks on your Ad.

There is a way of getting PPC onto social media platforms, meaning it is not limited to websites and ads. 

Facebook and Twitter provide a service where you can pay per post or for a series of tweets, which get pushed into the news feeds of who they think make up your target audience. They both encourage people to visit your site, follow your business profiles and engage with the content that you are publishing. 

LinkedIn offers businesses’ a similar service, where you can send users messages. All of it is based on the individual’s industry and background, this allows you to see and speak to people who might benefit from having contact with your business. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when an individual receives a commission for promoting a brand's product. This is seen a lot on YouTube, where different content creators endorse products and tell their social following to buy the product.

This isn’t just limited to YouTube but happens on a few different platforms where the ‘influencer’ or ‘content creator’ is given an affiliation link for their following to click through on. This not only builds up site traffic but also opens your business to a wider audience. 

Marketing automation 

Marketing automation is software that marketing departments use to automate some parts of their operations. It helps marketing departments to focus more on the strategy of the campaign they are working on. 

You can leave various tasks up to automation. For example, we can automate your social media posts via platforms such as Hootsuite. Also, we can integrate the different platforms and schedule posts across them all.

Automated social posts remove the hassle of continuously posting on social media. You can simply schedule your posts in advance, and focus on the rest of your marketing.


Businesses use email marketing to actively keep in touch with their customers. Furthermore, emails can include content that subscribers would benefit from.

For example, some of this content could be:

  • Exclusive deals
  • Discounts

Alternatively, you can also use emails to advertise events that your company is attending or running.

Online PR 

Online PR is another digital marketing. You can use online PR to increase a business's online presence. There are many digital marketing tools at your disposal. For example, social media is one of these.

By interacting with the people who comment on your posts you are humanizing the brand that you’re representing. Another way of boosting your online PR is to use content that you can easily share across different platforms. This will also help to widen your online reach.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is content that an advertiser pays a brand to create. Usually, this content promotes a product or service that the advertiser offers. There is a lot of sponsored content on social media.

For example, "Influencers" promote brands to their online following.

Influencers promote products to encourage their audience to visit websites and increase site traffic.

Digital marketing can work for many businesses, across many industries. Do you want to expand your brand awareness? You will need to market your business online. Also, marketing online can help you reach a larger customer base.

Here at Formation Media, we can help develop your digital marketing strategies and help improve your online presence, get in touch with one of the team today to see how we can help you.

Written by Kathryn Formation