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09 / 06 / 15

Why To Buy From A Local Web or Marketing Company

Why buy from a local web or marketing company?

With so many to choose from, finding a good web or marketing company can be a very difficult task. Whilst overseas companies tend to offer cheaper prices, there’s a lot to be said for choosing to go with a local company instead. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy from a local web or marketing company.

Shaking Hands

Meet in person

Although the Internet is great for so many things, nothing that quite beats having a face-to-face conversion with someone you’re looking to do business with. The good news is that if you work with a local web or marketing company, you’ll be able to meet them in person to discuss your requirements, rather than having to do it over the phone or via email.

Meeting in person often eliminates the risk of misunderstandings and can help to ensure that both the client and their web company are on the same page.

Faster communication

Quick communication allows for a more effective web design or marketing service. By choosing a local web or marketing company, you can benefit from quicker communication, as there won’t be any time differences to get in the way. If you need to communicate with your web designer or marketing manager, you can simply drop them an email or pick up the phone and get a timely answer to your query.

Eliminates a number of risks

Although it might be cheaper to have your website designed or marketed by a company abroad, it’s much harder to vet a company over the Internet than in person. If you don’t do your homework on an overseas company, there’s always a risk that they might be fraudulent or unable to provide the quality services you require.

The great thing about buying from a local web or marketing company is that you will be able to visit their establishment, meet their team and even speak to some of their clients. You’ll be able to check that they’re definitely the right company for you to work with and have the peace of mind that they can provide the quality web and marketing services you need.

Good understanding of the local area

Working with a local web or marketing company can be particularly beneficial if you are targeting your website at a local audience. Seeing as your web or marketing company will be based in the same area as you, they will know local consumers well. This means they will be in a better position to tailor your web design and marketing campaigns to appeal to your local audience.

Supports another local business

Supporting local businesses is extremely important, as it helps to boost the local economy, create jobs and make your area a better place to live. If you’ve got a great web or marketing company in your local area, there’s really no excuse not to buy their services!

You never know, some local web or marketing companies may even offer discounts to local businesses, as a way of supporting them in return and helping them to grow their companies.

Build long lasting relationships

One of the problems with working with overseas web or marketing companies is that some have a tendency to ditch you as soon as the work is complete. People often find that once the work has been done and they’ve handed over the money, the company isn’t willing to help them with any queries they have or provide any extra support.

This is very unlikely to happen with a local web or marketing company. Local agencies tend to be a lot more client-focused and offer their services with the aim of building long lasting relationships.

Why Formation?

At Formation we encourage our potential clients to meet with us, We feel that this allows our clients to see who we are, where we come from and a chance to showcase the ethos of the company that will be working for them.

It also allows our clients to ask questions face to face and talk about how #proven we are with our case studies and portfolios.

Looking to work with a great local web or marketing company? Get in touch with Formation on 01926 298 777 or [email protected]

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Written by Formation Formation