An introduction to Formation’s studio

Greetings from Warwick, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dave, senior designer at Formation. I have in excess of twenty years experience in commercial colour print and all things graphic design, if you’re struggling to find a design solution, I’m the man you need to talk to! Design for print or web, vehicle graphics, signage, promotional material, adverts, banners, pop ups, whatever it may be... creating innovative design solutions is what I do best. I am in the studio every day (and night), so if you wish to pose me a challenge, please do make an appointment and come visit our offices for a coffee and a chat.

Furthermore, I would like to give you a quick overview of the capabilities and workings of Formation’s studio department and give you insight into our ethos, how we work and share some of our skill sets with you.

Firstly about our studio personnel, Formation’s studio staff are a friendly and helpful bunch, all highly experienced and qualified. They consist of a mixture of graphic designers and developers, who will always give time and commitment to create your job. The team have design qualifications, educated from BTEC to degree standard.

Our ethos is to push boundaries, whether it be graphic design or website development, to produce stunning graphics and beautifully functional websites that achieve 100% customer satisfaction. And the customer is always right... most of the time!

I have compiled a list of services we offer, it’s not comprehensive but will give you a good idea of what we undertake in the studio.

Finally, have you ever decided you want to produce your own artwork? If you have, I have created a series of articles which may help your cause, titled how to create your own “print ready artwork”. Just search under graphic design on our blog.

I do hope you enjoy reading these articles and look forward to your feedback and comments.

Written by Formation Formation