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19 / 12 / 19

19 Reasons to Use WordPress as Your CMS

In 2003, WordPress launched itself as a platform primarily for the world of bloggers. Now though, it has emerged as one of the world’s leading CMS.

We build all of our websites on WordPress CMS for a variety of reasons, 19 of them in fact. These benefit both ourselves from a design and development point of view and our customers from ongoing usability and business view.

WordPress' CMS

Even for those looking to strike out on their own, the same 19 reasons apply:

#1 Economical

WordPress is free to use. The only costs for those undertaking website construction on their own relating to domains and possibly paid-for plug-ins. Those looking for professional sites will incur costs for design and development time but will on the whole pay less for an agency using WordPress.

#2 User-friendly

The backend of WordPress CMS is intuitive and easy to use. Meaning that whether you’ve had your site built or set it up yourself, the ongoing management will be easy.

#3 Customisable

Thanks to the almost huge range of design options, and the ability to tinker with almost everything if you want to. WordPress allows you to build a site like no other.

#4 Access Anywhere

A global presence allows WordPress users to access the backend of their websites from anywhere, on a range of devices.

#5 Good for Business

WordPress has come a long way from being a blogging platform. Now hosting some of the world’s major enterprises and allowing them to maintain a strong and adaptable web presence.

#6 Flexible and Portable

WordPress is open-source, it allows sites to be tinkered with by anyone you choose to give access to and in any way needed.

#7 SEO Ready

WordPress allows for the complete adaptability of both on-page and off-page SEO factors, enabling the creation of search engine-favoured websites.

#8 Responsive Design

WordPress allows for responsive design, meaning that mobile integration is made easy.

#9 Ideal for Content Marketing

Despite having evolved far beyond its simple roots WordPress is still a brilliant platform for hosting written content. Allowing for a variety of content marketing strategies.

#10 Social Media Integration

WordPress allows for the seamless integration of as many social platforms as you want, meaning your content and your presence can be spread further.

#11 Strong Security

Despite rumours, the team behind WordPress have put a huge amount of work into ensuring their sites are secure. With the right know-how, it’s possible to build a site that’s virtually impervious.

#12 Easy Shifting

WordPress’ construction makes shifting from one set of designers and developers to another an exceptionally easy process.

#13 Attractive Design Options

As well as a wide range of options, the choices available make for an attractive selection and an attractive website in turn.

#14 Support

Thanks to WordPress’ huge user-base and open-source nature. The community of support for whatever you might be struggling with is huge.

#15 Multiple Users

The WordPress backend allows for the addition of multiple users and admins, enabling a collective design and build process.

#16 Speed

With some intelligent construction and a variety of easy to use plug-ins. A WordPress site can be made to perform at unrivalled speeds.

#17 Store Integration

WordPress allows for the seamless integration of web store features, meaning that your site can act as more than just a content platform.

#18 Easy Updates

Updating WordPress sites is as easy as you could imagine, meaning that your website can be kept abreast of the latest developments.

#19 Plugins

The selection of plugins for WordPress sites is almost endless, with many of them being free of charge. It’s possible to adapt your website to perform in exactly the way you want it to, without needing years of coding experience.

We use WordPress CMS for our bespoke websites for all of the above reasons and a few of our own. As it allows us to construct unique websites that perform like no others, and allows our clients to easily manage their content if they choose.

To find out more about the benefits of a WordPress site, contact Formation today.

Written by Kathryn Formation